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POAP is a platform where users can create a unique badge as NFT to represent participation in an event. Events can be created by organizers, and participants can later use their badges to prove where they've been. Interep allows POAP badge holders to join groups related to the events of the badges held, in order to allow them to prove anonymously that they participated in an event.


  1. The user connect the Metamask wallet;
  2. if the user has participated in one or more of the events supported by Interep then they can select the event related to the group they wish to join;
  3. the user generates an identity commitment for the POAP provider;
  4. the user joins the Interep group or leaves it if they have previously joined.

POAP flow

Use cases

1. Bootstraping social networks

Conference POAPs have a very strong proof-of-humanity guarantee, since they're handed out in person. That could make a great start to bootstrap a social network where group members mutually attest to build reputation.

Available groups

Currently 3 POAP events are supported, which correspond to the following groups: devcon3, devcon4, devcon5.


If you would like a POAP event added please contact us.